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Would You Sign A Prenuptial Agreement?

Would You Sign A Prenuptial Agreement?

If you really want to find out what kind of person you’re about to marry, bring up the topic of prenuptial agreements. There’s nothing that unmasks a person’s greed, insecurities and selfishness like the topic of money! Some believe that asking your partner to sign a prenuptial is a sign of distrust and a lack of faith in the marriage; others feel it is the person who refuses to sign who is guilty of wanting to take advantage in the event that the marriage fails.

When I discussed this topic with men and women online, it started a heated debate. For the most part, men were for prenuptials and women were against them. However, the women who were “Pro-Prenuptial” had two things in common: They were either financially well off or they had gone through a hellish divorce. What follows are some of the comments and interviews. Take notes because there were valid points made on both sides of the issue.

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