White Couple Leaves Racist Note For Black Waitress

Virginia Waitress Receives Note On Racist Customer’s Receipt That Service Was Great But They Don’t Tip Black People.

A waitress who served a white couple at a Virginia restaurant was left a racist message instead of a tip.

The waitress, Kelly Carter, served the two white people at Anita’s in Ashburn, Virginia – a local New Mexico style restaurant – on Saturday morning.

It seemed the two diners enjoyed their experience so much they were moved to write, ‘great service’ on the bottom of their $30.52 credit card receipt.

However, the note then continued: ‘Don’t tip black people’.

3bff61ea00000578-4102810-this_racist_message_was_left_for_a_waitress_who_served_a_white_c-m-79_1483986059817Carter spoke about the incident to NBC Washington on Sunday night.

‘It was just total shock, that’s all that I can say,’ she told the network.

‘I looked at the receipt three times because I was so shocked, never ever being a server have I seen that.’

3bfffd4100000578-4102810-image-a-56_1483987533052A photo of the receipt was shared by the Loudoun County NAACP chapter on Sunday.

‘Hatred will not be tolerated and we will not keep quiet. This has been confirmed and did happen per Mgr @ Anita’s in Ashburn,’ the tweet read.

Tom Tellez, the restaurant’s manager, told FoxDC: ‘It’s appalling, disheartening, outrageous – all of the above.’

3bff61f200000578-0-image-a-75_1483979408837‘Thought it’s kind of in line with the political landscape.’

Tellez also told the network Carter is a great waitress, and that before she was left the note, she told the couple she would be happy to serve them again.

The president of the local NAACP chapter, Phillip Thompson, also blasted the racist message, saying it was further proof we need to: ‘treat people better’.

A fundraising page has been established for the server. It had raised $320 by 11:30am on Monday.

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