VIDEO: Hero TSA Agent Grabs Smoking Backpack Before It Explodes In Orlando Airport

Heroic TSA agent grabs exploding battery away from passengers

When a TSA agent at Orlando International Airport saw a bag smoldering near a crowd of passengers, he immediately grabbed it and moved it far away from the crowd. The smoke turned out to be from an exploding lithium…

When confronted with a smoking bag at a TSA checkpoint queue yesterday, TSA officer Ricardo Perez – a 20-year U.S. Army Veteran – believed the bag contained an improvised explosive device (IED.) Most people’s first instinct in these types of situations is to run. Not officer Perez. Putting other’s safety before his own, he grabbed the bag and ran it to an area where the explosion would be minimized. Sounds like a Hollywood thriller right? The smoking bag ended up being caused by an exploding battery, but that doesn’t make his act any less heroic. Kudos to this veteran, who on Veterans Day, went above and beyond to keep the traveling public safe. This incident occurred at the Orlando International Airport (MCO.)

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