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Single Woman Sends Valentine’s Day Text To 17 Random Guys

Single Woman Sends Valentine’s Day Text To 17 Random Guys – With Surprising (and Hilarious) Results


Blogger Victoria Trocino, 22, who lives in Dublin but is originally from New York, decided to wish some of her old flames a happy Valentine’s Day with hilarious results.

Scroll down for photos of the text messages.

‘Like I’m sure a ton of us do, I now have a contact list filled with first names or code names of random guys I’ve met out,’ Victoria wrote in a blog post entitled A Valentine’s Hey.

‘We’ve all been there: we go out, we have fun, we meet someone who is engaging, funny, flirty, and totally drunk.

‘We dance and maybe kiss at one point but we both know it’s not going anywhere. So we exchange numbers as a formality and leave with our respective friends, never to speak to that person again.’ But Victoria did a little experience and texted 17 of these flings and here’s what happened.

The first to respond was Niall, who seems like a pretty nice guy.




‘I set down my phone and wasn’t expecting any texts back. Eventually my phone started buzzing and you know the rest. I was absolutely blow away by the results,’ Victoria recalled. 

Soon enough things get weird with a guy under the name of “Penguin Erector”, who worked at Dublin Zoo…so, we kind of get the cheeky name.




Then there was the ever-forgetful Ryan.






And Isaac, who doesn’t seem half-bad, we guess…





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