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Runaway Dads! By Michael Baisden

Runaway Dads! By Michael Baisden

When fathers run away, lessons aren’t taught and the example of what a real man is will never be observed. Boys learn from what they see not from lectures or textbooks. It’s like when I was a boy and my friends and I would watch an athlete or Bruce Lee do something cool on television. We would immediately rush outside the moment the game was over to imitate their moves. That’s what boys do! And when there’s no father figure in the home to imitate that’s when rappers and other entertainers become our number one influences. Yes, some mothers do an outstanding job of raising boys to be productive men, my mother was one of them, but a woman can never be an example of a man.

I also think it’s important for boys to see their parents disagree and even argue. As long as the result is observing them resolve their conflict. Watching your parents kiss and make up is one of the most valuable lessons a child can learn, not days later, but that same night, hopefully within the hour. When we hide our problems from our children we miss the opportunity allow them to see us be wrong, say I’m sorry and move on. That’s priceless!

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