Mississippi State Basketball Team Helps Rescue Woman After Her Car Flipped In Crash

Baton Rouge Woman Is Rescued By Mississippi State Basketball Team After Car Accident.

The Mississippi State basketball team came to the aid of a woman whose car flipped on a slippery highway in Baton Rouge on Friday.

Ashley’s SUV skidded across the highway and crashed into a median strip before turning over in front of the team’s bus.

‘She just spun out and went flying off the road. There were multiple tumbles and turns’, Head coach Ben Howland told ESPN.

3beec6ba00000578-4098182-image-a-5_1483829839665The team was on a bus driving down the same highway en route to Baton Rouge for its Saturday game against Louisiana State University when the accident occurred.

Players and coaches witnessed the accident and yelled to stop the bus.

Howland, director of operations Michael Moynihan and strength coach David Deets pried Ashley from the car by opening a back door on the driver’s side.

After being examined by the team’s trainer Ryan Dotson, Ashley did not appear to have serious injuries.

3beec6c300000578-4098182-image-a-7_1483829921390Ashley was found upside down in the car and unconscious until Deets ‘pounded on her door’ before she began crying out for help.

Howland told players to stay on the bus in case another car slid on the road.

‘We were worried this thing was going to explode. It was really scary’, Howland said.

She waited on the team’s bus until an ambulance arrived.

3bef758300000578-4098182-image-a-13_1483830205614‘It’s really a blessing she walked away from that’, said Howland, who called to check on the woman before the game. ‘The car was totaled. I’m really thankful we weren’t seeing something that was more of a disaster. Wearing her seatbelt saved her life’.

The team took a bus from Starkville, Mississippi, to Baton Rouge on Friday for the game because its airplane de-icing machine malfunctioned.

On Saturday, the Bulldogs beat Louisiana State, 95-78.

An estimated 73 million Americans from as far north as Maine and as far south as Mississippi are under winter weather storm warnings, according to NBC.

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