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Marriage Is Not About The Ceremony And The Rings

Marriage Is Not About The Ceremony And The Rings

Couples must stop getting carried away with the extravagant weddings at the expense of their financial security. The only people who matter on your wedding day are you and your spouse; that’s it! If couples are smart, they will invest their hard-earned money into a college fund, pay down their debt or put a down payment on a first home. I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but having debt will suck the passion out of your marriage faster than the last cold beer at a family reunion!

I know this may sound redundant but I have to reiterate. A marriage is a lifetime responsibility, not a staged event that ends after the reception. We want the ring but not the responsibility. We want the ceremony but not the commitment. We want the richer but not the poorer, the thick but not the thin. But marriage isn’t a buffet where you can pick and choose which vows you want to submit to. And simply calling yourself husband and wife doesn’t make your problems disappear. As soon as the ceremony is over, nothing magical is going to happen. You’re going to be the same two people with the same unresolved issues when the lights go out! And an expensive ring and flashy ceremony won’t change that!

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