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Mariah Carey Quits Social Media After New Year’s Eve Meltdown

Mariah Carey Blames Production Team And Reports She Is Taking A Break From Social Media After Disastrous NYE Performance.

After an embarrassing New Year’s Eve performance and the backlash that followed, Mariah Carey is calling quits on social media.

The 47-year-old star declared she’d be taking a break from ‘media moments’ in an audio clip released Sunday.

In the statement, the multi-platinum artist opened up about the performance and her feelings surrounding the incident, claiming she was ‘foiled’ by her production team.

3bdfd8ec00000578-0-image-m-2_1483899396986‘I’m gonna take a break from media moments, social media moments,’ she announced in an audio clip posted on Twitter.

In the audio statement, the star explained she needs time for herself and her loved ones right now:

‘Although I am going to fulfill my professional obligations, this is an important time for me to finally take a moment for myself and to deal with my loved ones and to prepare for my upcoming tour in March… I can’t wait to sing for you again.’

3bee5e0000000578-0-image-m-5_1483900603238The Touch My Body artist is scheduled to return to stage for her US tour March 15.

She shared a few more feelings about the much discussed performance, saying:

‘I want everyone to know that I came to New Year’s Eve in New York in great spirit and was looking forward to a celebratory moment with the world

‘It’s a shame that we were put into the hands of a production team with technical issues, who chose to capitalize on circumstances beyond our control.’

3bbfb9c600000578-4099768-sabotage_the_honey_singer_is_reeling_following_the_star_s_new_ye-a-44_1483902713008‘Listen guys, they foiled me. Thus, it turned into an opportunity to humiliate me and all those who were excited to ring in the new year with me. …I cannot deny that my feelings are hurt, but I’m working through this and I’m truly grateful for my fans and my true friends who have been so supportive in this time.’

The Emotions singer has been low-key following a disastrous New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square where the star was caught stumbling through her repertoire, dancing lazily, and even lip syncing at moments.

Although the star’s response was more tepid, Mariah’s manager Stella Bulochniko called the technical missteps a ‘sabotage’ on the part of Dick Clark Productions.

The production company bit back, however, telling People: ‘To suggest that [Dick Clark Productions] … would ever intentionally compromise the success of any artist is defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd.’

3be4387c00000578-4099768-image-m-63_1483901985194The celeb hasn’t gone completely off the grid yet, with her Instagram and Twitter accounts yet to be deleted.

Fans who need their regular dose of Mariah still have options.

The hit-maker’s reality series Mariah’s World airs Sundays on VH1 with the next episode premiering January 8 at 9pm.

By Kelby Vera At Dailymail.com

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