I Want To Date This Older Guy…But

I Want To Date This Older Guy…But

Good morning Mr. Baisden, what do older successful men want with women 10-15 years younger than them? It’s very flattering, however, I’ve never been with an older man. I’m 32 and the oldest guy I’ve dated is 35. I really like this older gentleman a lot but I’ve never tread into that territory. How do I know if he really likes me or just wants to take a dip in the fountain of youth?! lmbo

Why would this handsome and wealthy older gentleman want me? I mean…I’m awesome of course. Pretty, educated, funny, artistic, independent etc… but I’m a mere child compared to this older guys experience and wisdom. I’m just lost sir. Help me find my way please? Cause you’re an older guy so explain the situation to me so I can keep playing Chess and not Checkers. Thanks! ~ Young But Ready

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