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‘Her Life Was The Red Carpet’: Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Husband Gives Touching Eulogy At Her Funeral…

‘Her Life Was The Red Carpet’: Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Husband Gives Touching Eulogy At Her Funeral… before putting a golden urn of her ashes into a favorite Louis Vuitton dog bag.


The Hollywood star was remembered for her love of glamour and red carpets at the service where her husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, 73, gave a lengthy eulogy recounting their relationship and Gabor’s desire for the spotlight.

3bb8ef4b00000578-4077228-image-a-43_1483136434899Around 100 mourners gathered Friday at a Beverly Hills church to pay respects to actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, who died December 18 from a heart attack at age 99.

3bb8a43d00000578-4077228-paying_their_respects_around_100_mourners_gathered_at_a_beverly_-a-7_1483136063458Von Anhalt – Gabor’s ninth husband who she married in 1986 – paid tribute to his wife and said his life was ’empty’ without her.

3bb9295a00000578-4077228-image-a-60_1483139367295He recounted his early years with the actress after he moved to Hollywood from his native Germany.

3bb8a32c00000578-4077228-after_explaining_how_much_of_a_dog_lover_gabor_was_the_mass_ende-a-12_1483136063668Describing her numerous health issues following a car accident in 2002, Von Anhalt said his Gabor never lost her sense of fun.

3bb8ef5300000578-4077228-his_eulogy_lasted_forty_minutes_and_at_one_point_he_pulled_a_mag-m-47_1483137066829After suffering a stroke in 2005 and again in 2007, Von Anhalt said it was actor Kirk Douglas who helped Gabor recover, calling her with advice and reassuring her she would be alright.

3bb8f28800000578-4077228-image-a-42_1483136405355The Spartacus star – who recently celebrated his 100th birthday – suffered a devastating stroke in 1996 which impaired his ability to speak.

He sent Gabor books to read, including his own, titled Stroke of Luck, to aid her rehabilitation and according to Von Anhalt ‘coached’ Gabor through her recovery.

After explaining how much of a dog lover Gabor was, the mass ended with von Anhalt putting a gold urn housing Gabor’s ashes into a Louis Vuitton dog bag he said his wife used during her lifetime.

Several elaborate floral arrangements were on the altar, which included a photo of Gabor wearing a red dress with the words, ‘Farewell My Love’ printed on it.

3bb924f300000578-4077228-image-a-51_1483137311891He later interrupted the closing procession and singing of ‘May Choirs of Angels’ to draw mourners’ attention to a painting his wife made of one of her horses.

Father Ed Benioff, who led the service, said: ‘She epitomised and personified Hollywood glamour.’

3bb90efa00000578-4077228-screen_icon_after_the_service_von_anhalt_said_gabor_would_be_lai-a-14_1483136064024After the service, von Anhalt said Gabor would be laid to rest in Hungary next to her late father.


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