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Do Women Really Want the Truth About Their Man’s Affairs?

Do Women Really Want the Truth About Their Man’s Affairs?

Do women want the truth? And if so, how much of the truth? Do they want details or just an overview? Do they want to know how long the affair has been going on, with whom, and how good the sex was? And do they want to know if you love the other woman more than her? I honestly believe that most women do want the truth; unless it’s something they don’t want to hear! Sometimes the truth can be overrated when it’s being told to a woman who loves you and has invested in you. If she had made up her mind that she has found “The One!” the truth is often the last thing she wants to hear. Of course, there are exceptions.

If the man is marginal sexually, struggling financially, and lacks charisma and confidence, by all means she wants the truth. She’s probably looking for a reason to dump him anyway. But in the case where the woman is in love, financially secure, having great sex, or if kids are involved, why in the world would she allow something as painful as the truth get in the way of her fantasy life?

Ask any woman who has tried to alert her sister or girlfriend that her man was cheating and they will advise you to mind your own business! Most women have learned the hard way that the majority of women already know or suspect their men are cheating; confronting them with the evidence will only destroy the relationship between the two women because most often the man is not going anywhere. Not until she gets sick and tired of being sick and tired.

However, there are some women who do want the truth, not only about how men cheat but what motivates us as men to tell the lie about being monogamous in the first place. Remember, cheating is not defined as men who have multiple partners; it’s telling the lie to be committed to just one woman that makes it cheating. So, why do men lie? ~ Michael eBaisden

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