Commentary: Stay And Fight

Michael Baisden Commentary: Stay And Fight

Nowadays we break up at the drop of a hat! We have turned into a society of quitters. No one wants to do the hard work it takes to build a successful relationship.
Women are so desperate they fight over married/involved men and give up sex so quickly that men have no incentive to work things out at home, add to that his lack of maturity and there’s no motivation for men to stay the course.

Likewise women have more options today. Many have the financial means to pick up and start over. And because there are no social pressures for women to “stick it out” they often are quick to tell the man, “I don’t need a man” and “I can do bad all by myself!”

I’m not implying that we should stay in unhealthy relationships but too often our reasons for breaking up and divorcing are weak! And our efforts to stay together are even weaker. And since so many people are unhappily married or unhappily single, it’s hard to get good advice on whether to stay and fight or to leave.

These are the questions I believe we should ask ourselves before we quit on our partners:

1. Do I believe in my heart there is someone else out there who makes me a better person?

2. Will I be happier without this person in my life?

3. Did I take responsibility for my part in the fights?

4. Did I try everything possible to keep my relationship together or did I emotionally detach before the hard work could even get started?
Starting over may be the right answer for your situation but people breaking up in less than 6 months and a 50% divorce rate, that has immaturity and quitter written all over it. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.
If you don’t learn to work through adversity when you have a good partner who’s willing to work with you, you will never find happiness. And when you’re old and alone you’ll lie to yourself by saying, “I never met the right person” when the truth is you wouldn’t stay and fight!
~ Michael Baisden

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