Boyfriend Charged With Girlfriend’s Murder After He ‘Drove Her To Suicide After 10 Years of Abuse’

Boyfriend Charged With Girlfriend’s Murder After He ‘Drove Her To Suicide After 10 Years of Abuse’


A father-of-two who allegedly drove his partner to suicide after a decade of physical and mental abuse has been charged with her murder.

Long Vang, 34, of Stewartville, Minnesota, is charged with third-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter and stalking over the death of his girlfriend and mother of his children, Jessica Haban(below).


In a historic ruling, County Attorney Mark Ostrem said that Vang’s behavior directly contributed to Haban taking her own life in December.


The court heard that Vang (above) had forced his long term partner to leave an in-patient mental health treatment just three days before she died.

Ms Haban had been receiving treatment following a traumatic brain injury six months before her death.

Investigators also said that she had suffered increasing levels of domestic abuse at the hands of her partner.

She was knocked unconscious, had her hair pulled and was thrown against a wall during their relationship, court documents reveal.

This is thought to the first time in Minnesota that an abuser has been charged with murder over another person’s suicide.

‘This is the first case [in the state] that we are aware of, where a prosecutor actually charged when it’s clearly been ruled a suicide,’ Liz Richards, executive director of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Woman, Star Tribune.

The victim’s family day they are pleased with the ruling.

‘There is finally going to be some justice for Jessica,’ Ms Haban’s mother, Rita Prinzing, said.

‘While we know that it won’t bring her back, he will be held accountable,’ Prinzing told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Despite the allegations of abuse said that she refused to be ‘consumed with anger or revenge.’

Vang and Haban were ‘culturally married,’ according to her obituary, and had two children together.

The murder charges were filed after authorities investigated the couple’s 11-year relationship, Olmsted County sheriff’s Sgt. Kirby Long said.

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