Alabama Mother of Two ‘Killed in Hit-and-Run by Her Reckless Husband Who Has 49 Previous Arrests’

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Alabama Mother of Two ‘Killed in Hit-and-Run by Her Reckless Husband Who Has 49 Previous Arrests’


An Alabama mother of two was run over and killed by her husband, who already has 49 arrests to his name, a Shelby County court heard Sunday.

Cops found the body of Christen Nichole ‘Nicki’ Young, 31, in her home in Calera on Sunday afternoon. She had succumbed to injuries caused in a hit-and-run collision, court documents said.

Later that day husband Kenneth Young, 36, appeared in court charged with her murder, where he was given $1million bond due to a litany of previous offenses, reported.


The body of Nicki Young, who had two daughters – one an infant – was found in the home on the 400 block of East Milgray.


She had sustained the fatal injuries in what appears to be a hit-and-run incident elsewhere in unincorporated Shelby County.

Kenneth Young was named as a suspect based on ‘witness statements, physical evidence and probable cause’, court records said, and charged with murder and ‘leaving the scene of an accident with death’.

Exactly where the incident occurred is unknown, but the murder warrant said that Young killed her ‘under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life’, by ‘driving a vehicle recklessly and (striking) the victim’.


And the warrant for fleeing said he ‘did not immediately stop such vehicle and remain at the scene of such accidents and did not render to the victim reasonable assistance’.

In court on Sunday, he was given $1million bail based on a criminal history that includes 49 previous arrests in the state of Alabama since September 1998.


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