A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

Mike, I know the women are going to attack me for what I’m about to say but here it goes, where are all the good women? Yes, there are plenty of beautiful women who are financially stable with education and are open-minded about sex. But finding that combination is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Then there are the ones with too many babies, issues with the fathers, or they’re into thugs. And let’s not forget the ones with the neck tattoos and tramp stamps in their backside. Do these women really expect to fund a husband?

Yes, I’m frustrated; it shouldn’t be this difficult to find a woman who you can be proud of and one who enjoys being a lady. Mike, please let them know there’s strength in being feminine, in speaking in a ladylike tone, being healthy, and not wearing a ton of make up. And for God sake, get rid of those loud and obnoxious girlfriends, they’ll run a good man off faster than any other issue. ~ Looking For My Queen

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