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When A Man Wants To Be In A Relationship…

When A Man Wants To Be In A Relationship After The First Date Is It Flattering Or Scary? These Women Tell Their Stories…

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If you think it’s only men who are being pressured to “Put A Ring On It” think again! More women than ever are complaining that men are trying to lock them down, some as soon as the first date. Karen, who is an accountant, said two of the last three men she’s gone on dinner dates with have asked her to meet their families and even suggested marriage…one the first date! Some would think this kind of offer would be an honor but when it happens too soon it can be a red flag.

“That’s not a compliment to me,” Karen said. “When a man offers to introduce you to his mama on the first, second, or third date, it comes off as desperate. I’m thinking to myself, I don’t even know you dude.”

But the pressure to meet the parents isn’t the only problem, some men are already talking marriage before the entree’ is served. Lisa, who is divorced with two young children, had this to say.

“Whatever happened to dating first? I need to get to know you before we can even entertain the idea of having a relationship. I find that most of these men have been hurt before or they’re looking for a place to stay. Here in Atlanta men pray on women with nice cars and homes.”

It’s obvious that men have issues too. And although I don’t think most of these guys are being disingenuous, I do think men are finding out it’s more difficult to find a quality woman than they thought, however most of them don’t discover this until they stop playing games in their late forties and fifties. And when they finally make contact they’re desperate to take her off the market before someone else scoops her up.

But here’s where it gets interesting, more women are preferring to stay single, live alone and have sex without commitment. It seems that now that men are finally waking up women are ready to step out.

The best advice I can give to men is to relax, enjoy the companionship and let the woman choose you. Forcing the issue will only make her run for the hills. That’s right, women are just as hesitant as men to jump into a relationships or marriage. Talk about flipping the script!

~ Michael Baisden

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  • Men who behave like this are narcissist and do NOT take the woman’s feelings, lifestyle, history into consideration. If she has children, CAUTION is the first word on her mind. Since growing up the past 30 years and dated domestic and international and still single, by choice. I learned a lot and have been stalked by a PhD, who stole my jewelry, my mother & grandmothers also to gamble at casinos, while saying he was away on medical conference, even to meet Donna Shalala in DC!

    Men are not knowing what “LOVE” means they just want to hear a woman say it and then they perform the social dance she requires and sharing misogynistic stories with their buddies.

    Unfortunately, most did not have proper father figures in their puberty years to demonstrate what it is to treat another human being well, let alone a woman and often children.

    So Sad to say.

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