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Happiness Isn’t Magic…It’s A Choice! By Michael Baisden

Happiness Isn’t Magic…It’s A Choice! By Michael Baisden

Some of us start out in worse circumstances than others but in the end it all comes down to attitude and determination!

Happiness is not magic… it’s a choice. Yes, some of us start out in worse circumstances than others but in the end it all comes down to attitude, a vision for a better future and surrounding yourself with positive people. But most of all happiness comes from within. You should never expect someone else to make you happy. That’s your job!

But not only do people refuse to take responsibility for their own happiness they give others the power to make them unhappy and that’s some fragernackle bull! Once someone demonstrates they don’t have your best interest at heart cut them off! I don’t give a damn how much time, money or emotions have been invested. These people are telling you loud and clear they don’t care about you or your happiness.

We all know how hard it is to create and maintain happiness and most of us at some point in our lives do obtain it, but the problem is we don’t protect it! Take my advice, once you find someone who adds to your happiness, once you find a goal that motivates you, once you get into a routine of living healthy, thinking positive, and having peace, guard it like a precious jewel.

Some people are just plain old negative so stop trying to convert them. When they are ready to graduate to the next level you’ll see the change in them the way they saw your light shinning. Until then, live in your bubble of happiness and stop sharing your dreams with dream killers.

~ Michael Baisden

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  • Happiness isn’t magic, it’s a choice. I agree. However it is not always easy to maintain, considering happiness is often times contingent upon the surrounding circumstances. Nevertheless, I have over time built an internal wall that stands and protects my happiness no matter what may come up against my happiness, my soldiers called faith knocks it down. When trials, negative people, heartache and sometime painful circumstances beyond my control tries to infringe on my happiness, it is blocked by wisdom and understanding that troubles don’t last always. So, when life knocks me down, as long as I can pray and look up, I can get up and keep it moving. Therefore, if or when, I choose to give the key to my happiness, it’s because I am willing and expecting to spend the rest of my life with an open door of possibilities with only those who hold the key. This key will only stay in the pocket of the one who knows how to use it and understands that the lock that fits this key opens the door from the inside out and I am the only one who can locks it behind them, only giving them access not control. This is why most importantly, in order to maintain happiness, we must learn to always be careful in our choices. Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day!

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